Welcome to the Horace Greeley High School Class of 1971 website, brought to you by a team of your fellow class members.

Our 40th reunion in July 2011 reminded many of us that we are a very close group. We knew that we were special forty years ago, but in an adolescent sort of way. We are more mature now, and we realize those friendships and bonds were and are both significant and permanent. Hopefully this website will testify to that permanence.

In reality, nothing is truly permanent. To that end, we dedicate this site to our departed classmates, to keeping their unique personalities and memories alive.

Most of the site is open to the general public so everyone can appreciate the most excellent Class of 1971! Our alumni directory listing, however, is only accessible to class members.

We hope you find the ’71 site interesting, entertaining, and informative as well as a convenient business and social contact resource.

Classmates, we encourage you to contribute. If you have ideas for enhancing the site, want to share photos for posting, spotlight your own business, or have any other requests, hesitate not! Contact Us with your gems of information. Let’s keep the site fresh with your continuing input.

Long live the spirit, memories, and memories-in-the-making of Horace Greeley High School Class of 1971!

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